The World’s Most Advanced and Innovative Carbon Fiber Cases

Musilia has put a lot of thought into the extra details that make these cases stand out from the competition.

Musilia Cello Cases - Universal Model

Universal Model

M Series are for Montagnana or other very large pattern models of Cello. It’s also known as the Universal Model. As always Musilia created a strong and very light case that fits great.

Discover the Universal Model

Musilia Violin Cases - violin cases in colors

Violin Cases Now Available

Once again, Musilia created a case to match the highest expectations of professional players. Protection P2 withstands more than 270 kg (600 lbs) on the top while weighing only 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs).

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Musilia Cases - Revolutionary Carrying System


Every model can be equipped with the optional deluxe backpack system made by Musilia. The Comfort-System is the perfect solution for long distance cello trekking.

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Why Choose a Musilia Case

  • Super Light and Shock Resistant Carbon Cases
  • Compact and Modern Design
  • Revolutionary Carrying System
  • Unique Suspension System
  • High Quality Through Innovation

What Clients Say

“Musilia’s new carbon fiber cello cases were designed by a professional cellist from a family of cellists, and seem to have addressed all the familiar issues: weight, safety, nonstandard dimensions, ease of carrying, and even the irritating noise of rattling hardware.”
Strings Magazine,
“This maker has raised the bar! (…) The technologies used to make the Musilia cello cases creates cases capable of standing the abuse of travel.”
Linda West,
“The Musilia German engineered, lightweight cello cases are the most competitive, highest quality cello case to date. They are well made, light and sturdy and offer the best value for your money.”
Go Strings,
“Der superleichte Cellokasten! Dank High-Tech-Fertigung [...] schont der Musilia Ultralight Schultern und Nacken des Cellisten.”
Fiedler Cases,
“These cases are new, but truly THE new case to get now. They are very well made and very high tech in using the best fabricated, pre-pregged carbon fiber casing. These make a stiff, protective shell, but very, very light. You will be spoiled with this case.”
String Emporium,
“Musilia Cello cases are the latest product to receive our distinctive Star Performer designation. Star Performers are products which have; popularity, great value, and the best performance in their class.”
Quinn Violins,
“Musilia cases have been created to match the highest expectations of professional players but also the financial situation of students.”
“Musilia cello cases have become the must have carbon fiber cello cases for many cello players. From their thoughtful German design to their beautiful aesthetic, Muslia cello cases are a breed apart.”
Maison Tasset,
“Ich bin sehr überzeugt von dem Musilia Violinkoffer in der Karbonausführung. Er ist hervorragend verarbeitet, bietet einen grösstmöglichen Schutz für die hochwertige Violine und ist in mehreren Farbkombinationen erhältlich. Über den Musilia Cellokoffer in der Karbonausführung kann ich das Gleiche sagen und dazu noch das der Montagnana nur schwer als solcher zu erkennen ist, weil er sich mit einem sehr eleganten Design präsentiert.”
Urs W. Mächler ,